What Is SirenSensor™?

SirenSensor™ is an automotive life-saving, accident-preventing safety product. Records show that thousands of civilian/emergency vehicle accidents cost the lives of hundreds of firemen, police officers, ambulance drivers, and civilians annually. There are over 500 fatalities and 15,000 serious injuries yearly because a civilian driver did not hear the siren due to factors such as: deafness or hard of hearing; modern, well-insulated vehicles; talking on cell phones/talking to passengers; radio/cds; inattention; distraction, etc.


SirenSensor™ AUTOMOBILE™ alerts the individual driver of an approaching emergency vehicle within 900 to 1,000 feet.

The driver is alerted by interruption of radio, CD, and other audio for a period of five seconds. During that five-second silent period, there is an intermittent beep to alert the hard of hearing. (For the deaf there is a highly visible flashing red light on the steering column.)

We believe that with proper support, SirenSensor™ AUTOMOBILE™ has great potential to become O.E.M. mandated.


SirenSensor™ INTERSECTION™ enables traffic lights at intersections to intelligently work with emergency vehicles.

Activated by a siren from a distance of 1,800 to 1,900 feet, the appropriate signal switches to green, holding until the last emergency vehicle passes through the intersection. The other signals remain red to stop the public from entering the intersection.

After a selected amount of time, designated by the city DOT, the traffic lights return to normal operating mode.

Effective and low-cost, SirenSensor™ INTERSECTION™ requires NO MODIFICATIONS to emergency vehicles.